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Pricing Per Service

Our prices depend on the type and complexity of the services requested. Only the most common services usually asked for are grouped below. Feel free to contact us for details of any services not listed.

Unless otherwise agreed our per service fees will be calculated on the basis of the hours worked on your affairs multiplied by the rate listed below for each service category.


Processing of all relevant sales invoices, receipts, bank statements etc. is done on our premises and billed at £0.50 per each transaction.

Bank statements are requested in Excel (csv) file format. It can be easily produced free of charge via your online business banking service.


Confirmation Statements - Dormant Accounts - Tax Returns and all preparation time is charged at £100 per hour

VAT Returns are starting from £150 (up to 150 transactions). Any scheme Registration - Deregistration are billed at £50.

Payroll & Pension

Registration - Personnel documents - Annual legal forms - Payslips - Employees analysis etc are billed at £50 per each document.


Each batch of between 1-5 employees is charged at £20-£100 per pay run respectively. This price includes all leavers, new staff and year-end reporting.


Representation / negotiation calls to tax authorities on behalf of your business are charged at £150 per hour.

Challenge disputes raised against your company in order to partially or fully dismiss all associated penalties and/or costs.

Construction Industry Scheme CIS

Scheme - Contractor - Subcontractor registrations are priced at £50 each.

Each batch of between 1-5 subcontractors' monthly declarations is charged at £20-£100 per run respectively. 

Refund claims are charged at 10% from expected amount.

Tax Optimisation

Tax Compliance  - Business Performance Analysis - Tax Advice and other Finance Director work is billed at £150 per hour


Business tailored tax planning and optimisation of Income Tax, Capital Gain Tax (CGT), Value Added Tax (VAT) etc.

Should you have found the service(s) you were looking for or perhaps that service was not listed please contact us for additional details. 

Alternatively, we recommend to take another look at our Pricing Plans. They might serve better your business requirements.

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