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Start Your Business

Business Startup

This service is for individuals who are ready to Launch a Company in the United Kingdom but do not know where to start. All you need to do is to book your first free consultation with us. Minimal or no financial knowledge is required from your side as this is our job. We will provide advice on essential requirements for your business.

Business Startup services: The Essentials
  • Advice on company structure such as Limited Company or Sole Trader

  • Registration with Companies House

  • Company name check 

  • Basic Bookkeeping service*, including the processing of all relevant sales invoices, receipts, bank statements 

  • Preparation of Company Year-End Financial Statements 

  • Business Accounts submission to Companies House 

  • Confirmation Statement submission to Companies House 

  • CT600 Submission to HMRC

  • Year End Corporation Tax Computation

Grow Your Business

Grow Business

Growing a business is a thrilling time to be occupied with. You are focusing on generating more sales, hiring the right people and optimising your business structure. You are also challenged with various financial dilemmas that require additional actions. This is where we step in to help with every step of your way to success.

When Your Company Is Up And Running
  • The Essentials plus

  • One free (30 minutes) consultation per month

  • Advanced Bookkeeping services**, including company records maintenance for all aspects of VAT, payroll, National Insurance contributions and any other requirements.

  • Optional HM Revenue & Customs business forms preparation and submission once approved.

  • Optional negotiation calls to tax authorities on behalf of your business

  • VAT (Value added Tax) Enrolment and quarterly preparation and submissions to HM Revenue & Customs if turnover is over £85,000

  • Payroll (Pay As You Earn) and/or CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) enrolment, weekly/monthly calculation and submission to HM Revenue & Customs and issue payslips to your employees***

  • Optional personnel documents preparation, such as Contract of Employment etc.

  • Optional administration and calculation of PAYE (Pay As You Earn) tax, NIC (National Insurance Contributions), student loan, statutory payments, deductions from earnings, pension deductions and other relevant payments and deductions including tax code changes***.

  • Completion of annual legal forms such as year-end returns with P60s and P11DS to issue to your staff members*** and to HM Revenue & Customs;

  • Optional preparation of monthly/annual summaries and analyses of staff costs***

  • NEST Pension Enrolment and weekly/monthly calculation and submissions***

Make Your Business Thrive

Tax Optimisation

Every once in a while even accomplished businesses need professional advise. Our exclusive Tax Optimisation services will provide an effective solution tailored to your industry.

Tax Optimisation Advise
  • The Essentials Plus

  • Grow Your Business Plus

  • Representing your company in discussions with the tax authorities

  • Tax compliance advice including corporation tax self assessment

  • Advising on tax opportunities/offers specific to your industry.

  • Business tailored tax planning and optimisation of Income Tax, Capital Gain Tax (CGT), Value Added Tax (VAT) etc

  • Efficient corporate tax planning and analysis of your business performance to minimise tax costs.

Learn more about our pricing per each individual service separately. 

* Basic Bookkeeping service includes up to 30 transactions per month​. Each additional one will be charged at £0.75 per transaction

** Advanced Bookkeeping service includes up to 150 transactions per month. Each additional one will be charged at £0.35 per transaction

*** Grow Your Business plan includes up to 3 people. All extras are charged at £20.00 per person

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